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Is it time to invest?

The Federal Reserve just increased interest rates again, as predicted, one quarter of a percent. The Fed’s efforts from last year to now are focused on bringing inflation down. To do this, our country will need to go into a recession. Either we will go into a recession now or we don’t and this down-market

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Update: Haselton

Gainesville, GA, is among the top 50 fastest-growing metros in the US. The Haselton community, located on the scenic Lake Lanier in north Georgia, consists of 338 single-family detached homes. This community will offer needed diversification for our real estate fund. While sales for entry level housing becomes stifled during the current housing recession, more

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Update: Cobblestone

This development consists of 142 single family homes. Cobblestone is just down the road from one of the largest master-plan communities in Savannah. This area is seeing tremendous growth due to job growth and lifestyle. Update: Going Vertical in Summer of 2023 We are excited to announce that, due to proper planning, all of the

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IMN, 2023 Predictions & Q1 Returns

IMN in Scottsdale, AZ – December 2022 It was an eventful sight to see over 2,000 industry professionals buzzing around from panel to panel and meeting to meeting. Though this was the 10th anniversary of the Single Family Rental IMN and the most attended event thus far, the tone was more melancholy than excitement. With

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Arabella Grows Leadership Team

As Senior Analyst, Andre is responsible for underwriting projects, managing the funding process, reviewing monthly financials, establishing target performance metrics, identifying potential investment opportunities based on due diligence and market trend analysis, and evaluating portfolio operational performance. Tim Horvath, Chief Operating Officer (COO), manages the day-to-day operations of the firm including creating and implementing strategic

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