[Webinar Replay] Paying Investors Distributions in 2023

We recently had three of our eleven projects get funded. Two $15MM developments and a $60MM build-to-rent community. Significant development on these projects will start in the next 30 days.

Why does this matter?

From just these three projects, we now have $2.4 MM in development fees to share with investors of the Arabella Real Estate Fund.

Because we are the developer as well as the fund manager, we can easily contribute our development fees into the fund. The day a project begins, cash flow comes in. For investors of the fund, that means we can pay more dividends to them – starting now. 

During this webinar I elaborate on these three projects as well as the following in more detail:

  • General overview of the
  • Arabella Real Estate Fund
  • What makes this fund unique
  • Why we decided to share our development fees with investors
  • When will investors start receiving distributions
  • What is an NAV & how often will it be updated
  • How can an investor verify our projects
  • Why you should consider investing now

*Recorded on Wednesday, February 15th at 8pm EST.


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