Grow Wealth Through Passive Investing

Here’s how we make your money work for you.

Step 1.

Learn more about the Arabella Capital Real Estate Fund.

Step 2.

Invest in the fund. Our experienced team allocates funds to our strategically selected projects.

Step 3.

Watch your wealth grow through passive investing.

Arabella Capital Real Estate Fund

We invest in the following asset types:
  • Single-family build-for-rent homes
  • Value-add multifamily communities
  • Land zoned and permitted for residential development
  • Self-storage facilities
  • Independent living communities


Our five-phase selection process is essential in determining the viability of a potential investment project:
  1. Screening
  2. Proforma underwriting
  3. Site analysis
  4. Political + legal analysis
  5. Stress testing

Investment Opportunity

Target equity raise $10 Million
Sponsor contribution 5%
Minimum investment $50,000
Investor preferred return 8%
Investor backend split 60%
Investor target IRR 25%
Reporting Quarterly
Investment Period 5 Years

Why Invest With Arabella

The right experience at the right time.

Home Build And Rental Sales

$65 MM

In SFR Sold To Funds


Lots Developed


Lots In Current Pipeline



4 Years


Units Purchased (4 Years)

40+% IRR

16 Apartment Complexes

The Arabella Advantage

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