Stephanie McGahie


Stephanie McGahie is a Systems Database & Accounting Administrator. In this role, she manages all business and project financial accounts and supports the firm’s daily operations through generating a variety of management and project-related reports as well as implementing effective workflow tools. She creates user-friendly dashboards and complex spreadsheets for collaborative use among Arabella’s departments. In addition, her creative design structure of the firm’s reports, organizational skills and mastery of database systems enable high productivity among the Arabella team.


Prior to joining Arabella Capital, Stephanie worked at New Body Heights, where she created dashboards and databases and managed the accounting to ensure profitability and continued growth of the company.


Stephanie earned her Associate Degree of Computer Science from the University of North Georgia and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of North Georgia. She enjoys playing video games with her spouse and child as well as hiking with her two huskies.

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